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this is basically part of the fanfic i published.

tbh i like the idea of tord after the events of 'the end' (getting a cybernetic arm and losing an eye) and gets shot into the future and lands in the history of overwatch, eventually joining talon because it's the closest to his red army. talon knows who he is; sombra, reaper and widowmaker are surprised that the infamous red leader joined their organization. they send him in as an undercover agent into overwatch but gets distracted by tracer because she reminds him so much of edd that he leaves talon for good but they're after his ass so he confesses his true identity to everyone. technically only tracer really knows who he is and she explains to the others how he was once a leader of a communist army hellbent on world domination. a lot of people in overwatch want him gone but decide to hold him 'prisoner' (tracer actually starts to bond with tord) and that's all i got.
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March 1