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Feliciano Vargas sighed in content as his head made contact with his rather fluffy pillow. His short red-brown hair stuck out in multiple directions due to the sudden 'plop' onto his bed. He let out a small puff of air to blow some of his bangs out of his face, some that were covering his caramel-chocolate eyes. He was exhausted from the walk home from his boyfriend's house, Ludwig Beilschmidt. "Vee~ ...I wonder what Luddy is doing......" Feli thought. "I should call him!" He smiled and sat up. He reached into his pants pocket but froze. "VEEEE!! MY PHONE'S MISSING! AND FRATELLO SAID NOT TO LOSE IT! OH NOOOO!!" Feli cried. He instantly stopped once an idea popped into his usually empty head. "Maybe I left it at Luddy's house!" He thought. "Yay! I get to see him again!" He beamed and instantly left to head for a certain German's home.

~ About an hour of walk later lol  ~

Feliciano stood in front of the sturdy wooden, white door. He lifted his small hand to knock but the door opened slightly once his hand made contact with the door. 'Must've forgot to lock it....' He quietly peered inside the front room and a heavenly scent hit his strong Italian nostrils. 'It smells like chocolate......I smell milk and flour too......Strange. Ludwig never bakes anything other than Wurst and Sauerkraut.' Feli thought as he entered the room and softly closed the door behind him. The sweet aroma brought him closer and closer to the kitchen. He gently grabbed the handle and turned it, opening the door a crack and looked in. His eyes widened and he immediately closed the door with a quiet 'click'. A rather large blush had found it's way onto the tanned man's face as he slid onto the floor. 'Luddy.........he's......' "He's wearing the apron I bought him....." Feli whispered as a content smile complimented his face. He stood up and brushed himself off and went to leave. When he heard the kitchen door open, he was frozen stiff.

"Aw poopie...."
This popped into my head when me and a friend on Facebook were talking about how cute Germany is in apron and his secret obsession of baking. :heart: Anyway, enjoy!
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I love this! :D
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